David Chard

Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer

I have offered transformative communications and leadership development programs across APAC for over 35 years.

I am available to speak at conferences, facilitate leadership retreats, provide executive coaching and conduct training workshops by appointment.

About Me

I am a veteran communications and leadership development consultant serving MNCs in the Asia-Pacific region since 1985.

I have been deeply involved in training and development since 1989, first specializing in crisis preparedness and media training for the public relations industry.

These days, I specialize in customized leadership development programs to meet the needs of my clients. I am also the author of Being Unstoppable, a guide to self-development and overcoming personal obstacles.

Personal Statement

As a communication and organizational development professional, I am passionate about adult education and committed to bringing the very best learning and development experiences to my customers.

My Services

I have designed and delivered a wide range of learning and development workshops, including tailor-made programs to fit the needs of my clients.


Below is a representative sample of my past clients and customers.


I have designed and delivered a wide range of learning and development workshops, including tailor-made programs to fit the needs of my clients.
  • Mirum Agency, Jakarta General Manager

    “It is my pleasure to recommend EngagingMind’s work in Leadership Development. Mirum hired David Chard to develop and deliver multiple workshops for us.

    “We found that on each occasion he was well prepared with high-energy facilitation of learning experiences that really made a difference for our team. David’s expertise ensured that we had non-stop fun while learning key leadership skills and mindsets at the same time.

    “Our senior leadership team found great value in “Engaging Your Audience” a course designed to transform presenters into authentic storytellers.

    “As a result, our team has achieved a new level of confidence and expertise in developing and delivering high energy presentations both internally and externally. I can recommend David Chard and EngagingMinds without reservation.”

  • Tripp Amdur Group President, Medline Industries

    Medline is a large global manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies. Medline has about 900 employees in offices and manufacturing sites across western Europe. Culturally, we have a very diverse management team with individuals coming from many different countries. Bringing everyone together to represent and embrace the Medline culture of customer focus and personal accountability can be challenging.

    “The first time I asked David to design a workshop for our senior management team was in July of 2016. The European business was recovering from the recent departure of a senior leader who had fragmented and disempowered much of the executive team. David built an excellent 2-day workshop around Trust. David probably spent a week of careful preparation before the workshop began, conducting multiple interviews to make sure he really understood how people thought and felt.

    “The workshop was exactly what our team needed. Trust was built and people were inspired to build healthy, cooperative relationships. One year later, we again asked David to lead 2 workshops, each of 2 full days, to a much larger team of managers. Once again, David prepared carefully and arrived with a clear understanding of our company and with clear goals for the workshop. David again delivered a well-conceived workshop which helped develop management skills, build trust, and pull down the barriers to forming strong teams.

    “I strongly endorse David as an outstanding leadership trainer and coach.

  • Janet Farn Managing Director, Roche Diabetes, Taiwan

    “Over a one-year period, David custom-developed two 2-day intensive leadership development workshops for Roche Taiwan, entitled “The Unstoppable Workshop, which he delivered in fluent Mandarin using all Chinese materials. The impact on our team has been remarkable and lasting. David’s high-energy delivery using games, music, group exercises and professional facilitation methods made this work stand out from typical learning experiences.

    We are highly satisfied with the work of EngagingMinds and are happy to recommend David’s highly innovative approach to leadership development. If you are looking for leadership development that is transformative at deep levels but also fun and engaging, please consider working with David Chard.”