Medline is a large global manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies. Medline has about 900 employees in offices and manufacturing sites across western Europe. Culturally, we have a very diverse management team with individuals coming from many different countries. Bringing everyone together to represent and embrace the Medline culture of customer focus and personal accountability can be challenging.

“The first time I asked David to design a workshop for our senior management team was in July of 2016. The European business was recovering from the recent departure of a senior leader who had fragmented and disempowered much of the executive team. David built an excellent 2-day workshop around Trust. David probably spent a week of careful preparation before the workshop began, conducting multiple interviews to make sure he really understood how people thought and felt.

“The workshop was exactly what our team needed. Trust was built and people were inspired to build healthy, cooperative relationships. One year later, we again asked David to lead 2 workshops, each of 2 full days, to a much larger team of managers. Once again, David prepared carefully and arrived with a clear understanding of our company and with clear goals for the workshop. David again delivered a well-conceived workshop which helped develop management skills, build trust, and pull down the barriers to forming strong teams.

“I strongly endorse David as an outstanding leadership trainer and coach.